iGo’s Magical Adventures.

iGoStories was created with a passion for beautiful and fun storytelling, travel, and history. We adore delighting both children and adults with our clever tales that take you on an exciting and magical adventure. We hope that we make the journey as personal as possible for every girl and boy lucky enough to receive an ‘Adventures in London’ personalised book!

Founded in London by Becky Earnest, the idea for a series of location-based stories was conceived, albeit in a very different form, several years ago. The memory of a gift she had received from her mother - a personalised book about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - helped shape the iGoStories concept. Modern technology’s evolution to more robust print-on-demand capabilities meant that this dream of sharing whimsical travel adventures with children in a personal and meaningful way became a reality.

A quest for an impossibly talented tech team and the perfect artist began, and we are all pleased to say, the quest was a success! Isabella Koelman, a super talented artist from Amsterdam, saw the possibilities and jumped on board, coming to London for a whirlwind planning and storyboarding session. Skein, an international team of lean digital innovators, knew this was just the sort of project they would embrace. Our diverse team across creative and tech is a talented and dedicated group of wonderful people.

Thank you, from the team at iGoStories.

Becky Earnest
Becky’s travels… modified and morphed into something magical for munchkins. The source of the stories and many big asks of the team. Maestro of the magic, dog-lover, adores short holidays.

Isabella Koelman
Since the day she could hold a pencil, Isabella has been drawing with great joy. Developing stories is what she loves the most! Her super power? Pixel-perfect eyes.


Svitlana Surodina
Mariana Bidnenko
Ivan Shevchenko
Denis Novik
Alex Dziubyshyn
Maxim Brovenko
Yaroslav Bandura
Artem Kryvonis
Aleksandr Milenkyi
Korney Vasilchenko
Rostyslav Padalko


Aaron Archer, Alex Gower, and Phil Biggs

The team who produces and delivers unto us… REAL BOOKS! Yes, every step of this magical journey ends up in the hands of our lovely printers. From guiding us through finding ‘just the right’ paper to making sure that each book is printed and delivered to perfection, Pureprint has provided a steady hand. Plus, they’re all FUN!